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It was a


exhausting day for me.(-。-;)

I've caused a lot of troubles.

Must cut down my cocky attitude ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

I'm still a special kid, i know that, just need to stop showing it out obviously

People are annoyed because of me

Don't they?

Moo i feel sad, because of both being underrated and being an annoying child.

ごめー Those who are called "adult"

Urg.. but i will keep my head high and walk on, no matter what they think. It's always been like this, the beginning is sooo tough, but well it usually turns out well, hope so.

I need to sleep now.

I'm gradually changing into a panda

but a cute one



おやすみ世界 (@ ̄ρ ̄@)zzzz

Noise World <3

Noise World is released today XDDDDDD

Can't wait for it to arrive at my place :) I'm thinking maybe i should buy the regular edition too, since it'll take forever for someone to upload it on internet :(

Ah~ There are indeed a lot of things I want to buy...

ViViD's single "Blue" also is in the list...My chubby cheekie Shin is too adorable, i have to hold back the urge to pinch him, onscreen, yes. LOL

Though today should have been a good day, i felt bad. Disbanding, how can the word sound so terrible, it sends shiver all over my body, and for a short while, the world cracked.

I've known this for quite a long time ago, but Yu-ri's entries really made me cry..

"Everyone from now on will forget me..
My words, my voice, my face, will all be forgotten..
Don't say you're not gonna forget
Looking back at the past, getting used to it, those things too, please don't say it.."

"Goodbye, to those who were called family
Goodbye, to those whom i stood on stage together with
Goodbye, myself"

Fuck. What were you saying Yu-ri? NO ONE IS GONNA FORGET YOU!! Do you think you just need to change your Twitter account, under a new name, saying things like "i'll be back to my hometown" or so on will do? No.

I don't know what happened, but anyhow, you cannot quit singing. It hurts me badly to read those, you know? You have a beautiful voice, your lyrics are all awesome, you are a great artist. Do these words reach you? Stop acting all bitchy and start a new band, ALREADY!

I've found your new Twitter account. Okayu? No, i like the other name better, the name that is the same as mine. I don't fucking care if you like dressing and doing girly things, all i need is that voice of yours.

Well maybe i'm being selfish, but what are all those shitty depressing things you talked about on that Twitter account. Hell yeah, you have your life, it's your decision, but stop doing music just to be like that? No i don't think so..

Angry and sad is what i felt right now, i may have no rights, but Yu-ri-kun, can you promise me one thing, telling me you'll continue to live happily, ne?

okadayutter おかゆ
日本語おしいね。笑。みんなどうやってみつけんだ"@Yurinie: @okadayutter おかゆさん? もしかしてあなたはあの人なんだの。。"

Your Japanese is good ne. smile . How did everyone manage to find me?
@Yurinie: @okadayutter Okayu-san? It can't be..Are you that person?

Great, i've found you, and it's clear that you don't want to be called Yu-ri anymore.

My mind is blank. I can't think straight. I don't know what or how to feel anymore.

Disbanding SUCKS. There should be a law claiming this as ILLEGAL.

Urgg...i'm ruining the day TT_TT

Yuu is a blogwhore, seriously. I regret being determined to translate all his blog entries from now on TT_TT They're really too many. Ah it's hot there in Japan today? It's raining at my place, so it's kinda cold.

Although i'm not buying, but i'm still looking forward to DoremiDAN's new single, i like Makoto's voice <3 It is released today too xD

Japanese fans must be listening to NOISE WORLD now, ne? This is frustrasting >< Please ship the CD to me soon~~~

Money money money money money~ Please fall down in front of me now so i can get all the things i want to buy TT_TT


Ma ah~

I'm soooo excitedddd!! Time really is flowing incredibly fast.(((( ;°Д°))))

Tomorrow is..

SHOU-TAN'S BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!γ(▽´ )ツヾ( `▽)ゞ

well i'm not supposed to call him Shou-tan since i'm i'm 16 years younger than Shou (believe me LMAO), but who cares??!! I definitely won't call him ojii-san or something bwahahaha :))


B.E.A.U.T..I.F.U.L  is the right word to describe this person TT_TT His smile is just...awww...heart-melting. Can't believe he's reaching his 30's already, i'd love to have an uncle like that lolz

Ah, i should save this for tomorrow, for the real SHOWWW ( if you gets my hint (-_☆)

I've finally ordered NOISEWORLDalready. It'd been a hard decision (´・ω・`) It's my first Yuu's stuff, there likely will be A LOT more from now on. Since i'm now insanely in love with Yuu's voice. It's so addicted, and unique, i can write a WHOLEEEE long page about Yuu's voice, so leave it later haha :)) The album will be released the day after tomorrow as well, FREAKINGLY EXCITED > v <

Yuu ah, reply my tweets once again :( Do you know how HAPPY-TAN i was when i saw ur replies, not once but twice XDDDDDDDDD I just simply love youuuuuuuuuuu <333333

I think i should start blogging on LJ since it'd become a dead one for years :))






Don't know why i created a LJ acc but didn't even write anything on it.
well, maybe 'cuz i'm not really confident in my english :)) Since i'm Vietnamese
but well then, ok!

Jae Jin has closed his cyworld a couple week ago, oh, has it been a month?
So sad. Even his entries were quite depressed and makes me worry a lot, but still, i could have been sure about how he's doing.
And now i worry even more since i heard that some Japanese prims weren't pleased at JaeJin and HongKi's perfomance last fanmeeting 13.6
Yukke has closed his blog for 1 year already, just because of the bashing netizens too.

So please be always happy, ne, Jinnie?

Mir too LOL My baby milky :))
Eun Ah unnie kissed him, and left him all embarassed
But i see it's cute.
Nothing wrong with a sister expresses love to her little tender brother by kissing him.
Lately, Mir wrote this on his cyworld:
"Do you know how it feels when your family heard abusive language because of you?"

"Incest" huh? Those netizens are crazy. They're cute sibblings ! and since she didn't meet him for such a long time, she missed him a lot. If there's something went wrong then that's you guys who blamed on such a cute, hyper and happy kid like Mir.
I'd never forgive you if you dare to ruin the happiness on my Bang puppy.

Yukke's got lot of work these days :)) 2 more stageplay cover of Shakespeare!  I love Tumbling xD His sexy body is just soooo fainting



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